Looking for something to help your beard? Have you tried to grow your beard but shaven it off because it is itchy, dry or isn't growing right !? Don't shave! Your Beard deserves to be treated the best! Our beard oil is packed with Vitamins that will help solve your hair and beard problems. As a man taking care of ourselves is important and we have a vision to help everyone look and feel their best! Stay Blurred!

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS-  High quality 100% Natural Ingredients , High in Vitamin E and antioxidants is known to help Promote Healthy Skin and Hair Growth, reduce itchiness and many more benefits . With Our BIG 4oz bottle you can apply as much needed every day.

Peppermint Oil - Mint smell will leave your beard smelling refreshed! It's also known to stimulate better blood circulation beneath skin that can promote growing fuller healthier and faster hair

Almond Oil- High amounts of vitamin E Is known to help soften your hair which over time it makes a significant difference when detangling and styling your hair!

Soybean Oils- Moisturizes your beard hair and underlying skin and can even help fix beard split ends. It's also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is known to have many anti-aging properties for your skin and hair.

LIFETIME 100% BLURRED GUARANTEE- We Know you might think this is like every other Beard Oil, but we have a vision that any Beard can get BLURRED. If you're not happy with the oil simply reach out to us and we will provide a Full Refund.

MADE IN USA, Not Tested On Animals


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